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Ice Cream


Soda Fountain

At Goody's we strive to create the best ice cream flavor and experience possible. Our ice cream is made multiple times each week right in our store in Hyde Park, Boise. We always use rich, high quality cream and premium ingredients. When you take a bite or lick of Goody's ice cream you taste 33 years of ice cream making experience. Whether in the blistering heat of summer or as a comfort in dreary winter there is never a bad time to enjoy a Boise tradition with Goody's ice cream.

Staple Flavors: 

icecream .jpeg

Alternating Flavors 



Oreo Cookie 

Coffee Bean 

Chocolate Almond


Toasted Coconut

Fruit Alternate

Chocolate Alternate 

Sorbet One 

Sorbet Two 

For up to date flavor list check our

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